We tailor a wedding film, just for you

We believe every couple is unique, and every wedding film should be too. Our structure allows you to choose the experience and details that matter most to you. Our wedding collections start at $6,000, with an average investment of around $9,750. We are based out of Houston, Tx but offer services world-wide, averaging 20 destination weddings per year. For weddings outside of the Houston area, all travel expenses (mileage/airfare, hotel, food, baggage fees, etc) are billed at cost as a reimbursement charge, after the wedding. Let us know where your wedding will be, and we can build a travel estimate for your event.

Our most popular offerings are listed below. The base for your package is your choice of our cinematic story Collections. This collection will include the coverage and edit time needed to create your edit. Extra cinematographers or hours of coverage can always be added as necessary, so the primary focus for choosing your collection, should be the cinematic edit length that feels right for you. After choosing a collection, you can customize your package with our available Additions. We have our most common additions listed, but we do also offer Rehearsal Dinner coverage, Live Stream hosting, and Instagram-ready edits. We want this film to feel like you, so contact us with whatever you have in mind! After our Additions, we have our Specialty services. These are less-common, niche items that we are passionate about. Beyond that, we offer an array of delivery methods, from digital to disc.

If you're interested in full-length examples of any options, you can access our Viewing Room at the bottom of this page, and feel free to contact us with any questions!




Start with the edit type that's right for you. Below are the handcrafted, story-driven collections we're known for:



3-5 Minute Cinematic Edit
2 Cinematographers
9 Hours of coverage



9-11 Minute Cinematic Edit
2 Cinematographers 
10 Hours of coverage



15-20 Minute Cinematic Edit
2 Cinematographers + 1 Assistant 
12 Hours of coverage


*All of our Collections include delivery on single, custom-packaged BluRay and  Flash Drive options for the couple. Additional delivery methods available*


Next, customize your collection with unique additions. Below are our most popular options: 




Our Trailer addition is a dreamy, 1-3 minute, cinematic teaser of your full-length wedding film. These trailers perfectly complement your long-form edits, and are delivered online within 3 weeks of your wedding, so you can quickly re-live the beautiful moments from your wedding day, while we build your full-length edits. There's no better way to share your wedding day with friends and family.



This edit is more in line with what you would consider a traditional wedding film. We capture and deliver full-length edits of all main events (ceremony / toasts / first dances), set to natural audio. This film pairs well with any cinematic edit collection, as a full-length capture of your events. Want to see more? Ask about our Extended Doc, where we also include cleaned up RAW footage from your entire day.



The Lovestory is an unique take on engagement sessions. We capture you telling your story, as well as an engagement session of you doing what you love to do together. We then create a 3-4 minute edit that works great as introduction piece for your reception or even as a save the date. It's a perfect way for your guests to hear your story, and see your passions and love for each other played out on screen.


And for a truly personalized experience, we offer these services for the couple that loves something different:  



Imagine a film that is a unique representation of your relationship, up to the moment of your wedding vows, that plays at your reception. Our Story collection takes a Same Day Edit, one of the most exciting wedding experiences out there, and merges it with one of the most personal films we offer: the Love Story. The result is a completely unique and individualized experience, that you and your guests will never forget. To create this film, we capture an engagement session and story interviews prior to the wedding, then build a storyline for your edit. We then complete the film with the most important and personal moments of your wedding day, creating a 4-6 minute film that premiers at your wedding reception. It's an amazing experience for you and your guests, as well as a true heirloom piece to keep for the rest of your life. Many couples choose to pair The Story with a full-length Short Film or Feature collection edit, while others choose it as a stand-alone, but we can always customize  just for you.



Our Super-8mm Film option embraces the essence of nostalgia, and goes back to the core of documentation in filmmaking. With this option, a dedicated cinematographer would capture the moments of your wedding day using a high-end, vintage super-8mm film camera, in addition to the HD capture included with your collection. Your film is then sent off for processing and custom color rendering, and eventually digitized for editing. The results are beautifully imperfect and allow for dreamy sequences and moments that are edited into your HD film, providing you a truly handcrafted wedding film. As a standard, we include 4 rolls of film with this option, which will be included in your wedding collection edit. Many couples choose to included additional rolls for an 8mm-only teaser edit. If you're interested, we can customize this option exactly for your needs. Upon delivery, we also include the processed film-roll canister for storage. 

(per set of 4 rolls) 




Click here to view full-length examples of all collections, additions and specialties.