As a standard, all of our Wedding Collections include delivery in a custom, personalized heirloom box that includes: your final edits on a single Bluray Disc with custom menu selections and the final digital files on a custom USB Flash Drive. 

Below, are the delivery options available for additional copies




BluRay Disc

This option is the most stunning viewing experience we offer. We will create a BluRay disc with a customized menu for you to select from all of your final edits and watch in beautiful, full 1080p HD. The disc is delivered in a custom, wood case.


Flash Drive

We recommend this delivery as an archival solution, as well as an option for digitally streaming your films. The edits are delivered as full HD digital files, on a custom USB flash drive. We encourage backing-up the HD files to cloud or physical storage drives.


Standard DVD

We do offer Standard DVDs as an option, when HD home viewing environments are not available. These can make for a nice option with extended family or vendor copies, but there will be quality loss, with the 480p SD playback resolution.  






This is a super fun and unique option that we offer specifically for clients who have selected our Trailer or Highlight edit additions. With it, we will also create a 15-second, square ready video for you to share with friends and family on your instagram feed. It's one of the easiest ways to let your friends experience your day.


Web Hosting

Web hosting is a great option for sharing your full-length films with friends and family. We build a completely personalized web-page to host our longer-length Short Film and Feature Film Collections indefinitely, for online viewing. This option comes standard for shorter Highlight and Trailer edits.


Live Stream

We offer wedding-day Live Stream for scenarios where your friends or family are unable to attend due to the destination or other travel limitations. We create a connection and provide a private URL for you to share with friends and family, so they can watch your wedding ceremony real time, online.  Connectivity constraints may apply, dependent on venue.