Owen is a super-gifted. all-pro tight end for the Houston Texans and Angela is a prosecutor for the DA in Houston. They are honestly the most down to earth couple we've worked with. They're just unapologetically in love with each other, and "joyous laughter" might as well be their middle names. It was obvious where it all comes from when we were able to see their family interact with them. It's always such a great feeling when you first meet a client, and they instantly treat you like you've been close friends for years. Well - wedding day finally came, and it was perfect. Everything was so gorgeous, they had so much fun, and they just exuded love all day. From the constant laughter in the morning, to her AMAZING gift (her family's restored Lincoln Continental) - and from their heartfelt letters for each other to their perfectly elegant ceremony and reception. Cheers to Owen and Angela Daniels on a gorgeous wedding and a beautiful marriage!